05 December 2010

Kekuatan dari anak2...

Dugaan yang silih berganti,bertahan dan berjuang dalam melawan kesakitan...


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  2. What you believe in your mind about the state of your health is your reality. You cannot believe something and it not be true for you. Someone else may have a different way of looking at things, but yours is the only truth that is self-evident for you.

    Your Beliefs and a practice of mindfulness can enable you to have incredible personal power.
    Here are some examples of how that might work:

    1) If you feel happy and good, you are happy. If asked, you can can attest that you feel well. If aches and pains begin to intrude, your mind is strong enough to shoo away such pesky thoughts. You are not ill.

    Consciously choosing to feel happy and good are very powerful practices to adopt for your mind and your health. (Hint: Remember those pesky pains? They are diminished or gone! You are not concentrating on them, but instead on how well you feel.)

    If you don’t believe me, start doing something that you absolutely, positively L-O-V-E to do. Begin this when you’re not feeling quite up to par. Soon you’ll forget all about how you felt just moments before as the joy of your activity takes hold. You’ll feel the enthusiam and the absolute exhilaration of what you’re doing. You’ll be shooting off fireworks in the middle of your smiling face! Dear One, you’ll feel happy and you’ll feel good.

    2) If you feel sad and kind of lousy, you aren’t really well at all. You’re noticing every ache and pain in your body. You’re spending time stewing in your own illness soup and approaching medium well-done in your stew pot. Spending time here only reinforces feelings of self-doubt, pity and a poor, future, health outcome.

    3) If you do have pain caused by an illness like Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Lupus, Lyme Disease or some type of Arthritis, you still can choose your attitude and how you will feel about the situation.

    Remember: You are in control of every moment. You choose what to think and what to feel. No one can force you to feel one way of the other- either bad or good. *Through practices like mindfulness, meditation and breath work, you can have success in lessening your body’s pain signals, plus you will feel and be more in control. Now that is empowering!

    See below some of the incredible works of the great Jon Kabat-Zinn, a doctor ahead of his peers, but fortunately for us, not before his time.


    Wishing you less pain today and better health