28 December 2010


Happiness is not just about smiling and laughing. If you see a person who always laughing and smiling, are you sure that he or she are really happy? Sometimes those smiling and laughing is a way for them to hide their sadness. They are not really happy with their life.

It does not mean when you always smiling you are really happy inside of yourself, but happy means that you are really satisfied with what you have now. I’m satisfied, content and happy with the give of my life. I am lying if I say that I’m never feeling sad, but generally, I AM HAPPY.

The great key to happiness is SYUKUR and REDHA. Syukur for what we had and redha for anything happen in our life. Islam is great right? Islam teaches us these two keys of life. The keys that will make us happy and content. The keys that will make we feel peace inside. If you feel sad now, and unsatisfied with your life, try this.

Be grateful with what you have, redha with anything happen in your life and believe that there is something good (hikmah) behind anything happen. Have faith in fate; qada’ and qadar, have faith in Allah. Whatever Allah decides is the best for us, believe this because He knows everything happen in this universe, even a leaf falling from tree. Take a look to those unfortunate and less fortunate than you, and then compare to yourself, see if you are the most unfortunate person in the world?? Think of that, and I’m very positive the answer is ‘ NO’.

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